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Flooring Renovation: Part 3 of 3

Flooring Renovation - The Address Property Management

Scale and Proportion

Flooring choice can create a sense of expansion in a room. In small apartments, having the same flooring run throughout the property counteracts the lack of space and preventing transitions that constrain a room. Sometimes however, a single type of flooring can seem bland. The solution to this is to use flooring that is interesting such as sisal and jute which have a texture that adds to the flooring dimension. In hardworking areas like the bathroom and kitchen, practicality should be the predominant factor in deciding flooring material. Linoleum, vinyl and ceramic tiles can be matched so the color corresponds to the rest of the property.

Alternatively, in large open-plan spaces that have multiroom purposes, diversity of flooring would help to define usage zones, such as a kitchen zone having tiling and the dining zone having hardwood flooring. (Picture)

Scale is also amended by the tone of the flooring. Pale or neutral tones brightens the room, giving it a roomy feel. This is further exaggerated by using surfaces with reflective sheens such as glossy tiles or polished hardwood. Matte surfaces such as carpet would have the opposite effect. (Picture)

Flooring that contains repetitive elements such as boards and tiles should be carefully positioned. Having strips of flooring parallel to the length of the room, draws the eyes onward giving the impression of space. Herringbone patterns should also be positioned to manipulate the scene to create a sense of forward direction.

When choosing tiles, the tile size should reflect the room size. Large tiles set with spaced gaps makes a large room feel bigger. However, in a small room large tiles magnifies the lack of space.

Connections and Combinations

Combinations of flooring surfaces help to define the purpose of a room. For example, in a room containing both living and dining spaces, a rug under the dining table would show distinction and formality compared with the living space.

Flooring Renovation - The Address Property Management

In large open plan houses, the flooring could be given dimension by having a combination of flooring surfaces. Where the room seems to have a structural division or a natural break, changing the flooring material adds more appeal to the design.

Do be aware that contrasting carpets tends to look awkward. If you do have two contrasting carpets meeting together, it is useful to have an intermediate panel, made of tile or wood, between the two carpets to make the transition softer on the eyes.

Stairs are a logical place to transition flooring, using a different shade or material helps to emphasize the change of level.

It is important to consider the maintenance and treatment methods when combining materials might be difficult to clean and maintain as opposed to having the same material throughout the room.

Floor level detail

Flooring Renovation - The Address Property Management

It is important to add junctions and edges, for finished edges makes the floor more durable and looks neater. Unfinished edges could also pose a safety hazard and cause trips. Often, strips are used to cover a seam where different floorings meet. Aluminium or brass strips would typically be used to cover the edge of a carpet. Beveled wooden strips, sometimes fashioned from thick wood to add elegance, are placed in thresholds on hardwood flooring.

Floor coverings should be laid right into cupboards and closets, or else the lack of finishing is apparent each time the doors are opened.

Baseboards should be stripped and refinished to enhance the new floorings appeal.

To add night time drama, floor level lightings on steps and stairs can add another dimension to the room.

At the Address Property Management, we can take care of your flooring renovations. We can help you to choose the most efficient flooring surfaces, finishing and preparation materials. We take pride in having renovation projects carried out to a good quality standard. For more information, contact us: or call +1-647-400-0690.


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