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What is Property Management?

A property management company maintains the efficient running of an investment property, ensuring secure returns. As a result, the landlord saves time and money, whilst enjoying the peace of mind that their investment is well looked after. Furthermore, a tenant has the satisfaction of staying in a property that is maintained to an excellent standard.

The property management company oversees and executes all operations in regards to the rental cycle, on behalf of the landlord. This would entail some of the following:

Rent responsibilities- setting, collecting and adjusting rent in order to attract tenants and optimize returns for the landlord.

Managing tenants- advertising a property, screening tenants and hosting showings to find reliable tenants. The property manager acts as a bridge between the tenant and landlord, and will communicate and take steps to create a harmonious landlord-tenant relationship. Lease agreements would be created to protect the landlord. Tenant move-outs would be inspected and managed for smooth tenant transitions. In the case of a tenant breaching the terms of lease, the property manager will proceed to file an eviction in the correct way.

Maintenance and repairs- carrying out regular inspections and preventative maintenance minimizes the risk of costly damages. If an emergency does arise, the tenant and landlord can easily contact the property manager who will quickly resolve the issue.

At The Address Property Management, we provide a professional and reliable service. We aim to have all our clients sleep soundly knowing that their property is under our vigilant care. For more information contact us at:


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