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Insider Fall Maintenance Checklist

The winter months can be harsh, especially on investment properties. Scheduling maintenance projects during winter can be expensive, laborious and inconvenient. The best defense against unwanted winter damage is a proactive preventative maintenance plan. Here is a list of our insider tips to protect your property from costly avoidable damages.

Outdoor Cleaning

Make sure leaves are cleared before the snow falls. It is vital that any dead branches are cut, to prevent them dangerously falling when storms come or the weight of ice weakens them. Any climbing plants should be trimmed away from the property building, to prevent damages associated with them.

Roof Maintenance

Leaks can be caused by loose shingles and flashing. Any repair work should be done ahead of winter. Make sure flat roofs are completely cleared, and branches should be trimmed back from the roof.

Gutter Cleaning

The gutter system is responsible for channeling rainwater and melted snow away from the roof, walls and foundation of the building. Leaves and debris can clog up the gutter, which can lead to water damage, mold, leaks, gutter damage and even pest animals to inhabit the gutter.

Gutter cleaning during the fall months can prevent an entire array of maintenance troubles. The process involves: removing anything that is clogging the drains and the downspout, repairing and replacing any damaged parts of the gutter and flushing the gutter to remove clean places that are hard to reach.

Pest Defence

As the temperature drops, animals such as mice, rats, raccoons and cockroaches seek warm spaces. Protect your property, screen the property to make sure there are no holes and gaps open to the outdoor. Keep basements dry, you could use a dehumidifier to help. Seal any cracks and crevices.

Keep kitchens clean, crumbs and leftover food attract animals. This is also why it is important to close garbage bin lids correctly, to prevent unwanted and potentially dangerous animals finding their way onto your property.

Winterize the Plumbing

Frozen pipes are common and can be a nuisance. Take the time to insulate the plumbing, use pipe covers and expandable foam insulation to fill any cracks in the insulation. Fix leaking indoor faucets and disconnect any outdoor hoses.

HVAC Maintenance

In a typical home, the HVAC system accounts for almost half of the energy consumption, which is why it is imperative that the HVAC is being used with utmost efficiency. The last thing you want is your HVAC to stop working during those bitter winter days, when the cost of calling out for emergency repairs is extortionate.

If your HVAC is due for maintenance inspections and work, make sure it is carried out during fall. Clean or replace all air filters, vents and registers.

Reprogramme the thermostat for efficient use of energy, using a smart thermostat is a small investment that saves money in the long run.

Another effective way of conserving energy is to seal any energy leaks around windows and doors.

Fire Safety

Improper use of space heaters, candles and fireplaces can cause fires. Ensure that all tenants are aware of the dangers and use these items safely.


Protect your flooring by using heavy duty coir mats at every entrance to prevent water, mud and snow from damaging the flooring. Furthermore, it protects the floor from becoming slippery, which could be a health hazard.

Snow Clearing

Make sure snow clearing equipment are working and any repair work is done before the snow falls. Book snow ploughing services early, because many companies will become fully booked quickly. Stock up on salt to melt any slippery ice that may form from freezing rain and sleet.

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